CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc.
CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc.

As an Indigenous Company We Offer Very Distinct Advantages.

1.  CREEnergy operates as a First Nation business that interacts nation-­‐to-­‐nation. This means that we can tackle our own future, embrace our destiny and create a win, win situation. We are 51% owned by indigenous people which makes us an indigenous company and affords us special freedoms.


2.   CREEnergy  has  positive  relationships  in  place  with  First  Nation  Bands,  which provides the distinct ability to interact and secure land assets on traditional lands under favorable terms to our stake holders.


3.   CREEnergy has obtained information to Métis, Dene, Inuit and status workforce and can hire, train and absorb talent that is otherwise often ignored; bringing economic development on reserve.


4.   CREEnergy will seek and possess other unencumbered lease titles to oil and gas on the other  First Nation not in partnership with CREEnergy.


5.   CREEnergy helps eliminate bureaucracy and speed-­‐up the decision making process. Non-­native businesses often spend countless days or weeks consulting with boards and panels of First Nations. This process is eliminated because CREEnergy invites partner First Nation leaders to advise their board of directors. This simplifies the consultation process for all.


6.   CREEnergy assists indigenous nations to regain control of their resources please referance below. INAC has been abolished and national governments are being recognized. This is a very huge shift in Canada's power structure but our team knows how to navigate these waters and create a great deal for all associated parties.

See INAC Canada link. First Nation Good governance includes the development of resources.

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Sub office (Edmonton)

Suite 208, 11062–156 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta  


Office: 780-306-5310


Sub office (Calgary)

Suite 2500, 520- 5 th Ave SW.

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