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CREEnergy, pure energy today

Bringing the wealth of the Earth to the people of the land. Summary


CREEnergy Oil and Gas Inc. (“CREEnergy”) is an Alberta corporation incorporated in 2007, formed to be   the first Aboriginal Company dedicated to oil and gas development on First Nation reserves in Canada and the USA.


CREEnergy operates as a First Nation business that interacts with First Nation parties to better manage the development of their natural resources for private markets. This is done through the development of joint ventures with selected oil production groups for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders,  which  in  a  First  Nations  business  context  includes  the  community  and  its members


CREEnergy acquires interests in proven, producing leases with under-developed drill sites on First Nations lands. This model represents a new and innovative way to pursue oil and gas development through its network of associations with many pre-identified First Nation reserves primarily in Western Canada.


CREEnergy has initially dedicated its primary focus for oil and gas development in the four western provinces of Canada. Currently.


CREEnergy has signed agreements on two specific First Nation reserves that have shown to have proven capability for profitable oil field development.

CREEnergy simplifies consultation, giving better options to those involved in joint ventures with CREEnergy


CREEnergy's success is the ability of its officers, directors and senior management to work closely with the elders and band councils of the various First Nation reserves to insure an orderly development of their natural resources. In keeping with the requirements of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and with Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC), The office of Aboriginal Affairs is abolished how ever CREEnergy is committed to maintain very high standards.


CREEnergy has followed the requirements and guidelines to insure the agreement of all parties in the best interests of the members of each First Nation reserve. In this way, CREEnergy can assure all joint venture partners of a stable and profitable working arrangement.


CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc. is based in Alberta, with its Sub business offices in Edmonton and Calgary.  For efficiency, CREEnergy has Head office Frog Lake, Alberta. This enables CREEnergy to operate within more competitive efficiency. CREEnergy is regulated by a board of directors who are direct representatives of the people and Investors. All board members are selected and are appointedt to the board only if they are in agreement with the policies and objectives of CREEnergy.


CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc. ("CREEnergy") is an Alberta incorporated corporation focused on the accumulation, exploration and exploitation of First Nation's natural resource assets for the benefit of the First Nation's Peoples. CREEnergy's partners are entities who share this focus and provide capital and know-­‐how, as required, to achieve these goals.



We will be one of the largest oil producing companies in Canada and the favored selection amongst our investors. Our operations will be distinguished for:


• Benchmark in social and environmental responsibility

• Commitment to sustainable development



As a First Nation Corporation we acquire natural resources fairly, explore and report accurately, develop assets responsibly, strengthen communities and build confidence in our investors.



It is the goal of CREEnergy to position itself with a reputation of very high standards and quality products. The business model truly sets us apart and this process has benefits the company, its shareholders and outside investors. For CREEnergy, it is a way to participate in drilling at reduced risk and to drill many more wells than it could afford to drill solely on its own. This will enable CREEnergy to achieve all of its strategic objectives.


CREEnergy Business Model:

CREEnergy will acquire interests in proven, producing leases with under (accessed) drill sites on First Nations Lands. Where possible, this will include the lease rights to land with older shut-­in wells which can be more easily be developed to produce oil and/or gas to help provide immediate cash flow to investors. All decisions on which specific lands to lease will made jointly between CREEnergy and a joint venture partner.


CREEnergy will joint venture with an appropriate funder to secure leases on First Nations lands. The funder will have the benefits of oil and gas development access to all First Nations lands that CREEnergy obtains leases on as a result of the funding provided. The next steps are to explore and confirm the feasibility of oil/gas production and to proceed to development.


The goal is to increase investment value by building reserves, production and cash flows at an attractive return on invested capital. We seek to achieve our goals through the following strategies:


Aggressively Develop Lease Holdings In Phases

We intend to aggressively drill and develop our leases to maximize the value of our resource potential for the benefit of all involved. CREEnergy will continue to acquire proven leases. The strategy is to selectively target and acquire additional leases of proven, producing land with underexploited drill sites.


Enhance Returns by Focusing on Operational and Cost Efficiencies

Working together with the joint venture partner, we will focus on continuous improvement of our operating measures. To concentrate on capturing economies of scale, we will drill multiple wells from a single drilling pad and use centralized production and fluid handling facilities reducing the time and cost of rig mobilization. Strategies will be determined with the joint venture partner.


Adopt and Employ Leading Drilling and Completion Techniques

We will continuously focus on enhancing our drilling and completion techniques. New techniques have significantly evolved over the last several years, resulting in increased initial production rates and recoverable hydrocarbons per well through the implementation of techniques such as using longer laterals and more tightly spaced fracturing stimulation stages. This continued evolution may significantly enhance our initial production rates, ultimate recovery factors and rate of return on invested capital.


Environmental Implications:

CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc. will follow the appropriate environmental codes and regulations and will take all necessary steps to protect our environment and lands. Environmental studies will be completed on all the lands and leases to reduce the risk of oil spills and environmental damage. CREEnergy will be utilizing these environmental policies, procedures, technology and safety manuals when the projects begin operation as required by law and our custom.  A respectful and environmentally sustainable use of all leased land will be achieved.

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