CREEnergy, pure energy today
CREEnergy, pure energy today


Canada is currently the third largest producer of natural gas and the fifth largest producer of
crude oil in the world. The country has the world’s largest crude reserves, behind Saudi
Arabia and Venezuala. However, in terms of openness to private investment, Canada has
the biggest crude reserves and the majority of these crude reserves ripe for exploration and
development are in the western part of the country, home to 1,000’s of Canada’s First
Nations’ traditional and reserve lands.


The goals of this business plan are to:
1) To provide CREEnergy’s business philosophy and vision to ideally develop oil and gas
products as well as raise the standard;
2) Link First Nation/Aboriginal/Indian- ‐ controlled lands and resources with operating
and financing opportunities in order for the oil and gas resources located on
Indian Reserve lands will be developed in a sustainable manner;
3) For the economic benefits derived from these resource-‐‐based business
opportunities to flow back to the First Nation communities and individual band
members, and in turn stimulate increased educational, occupational and small
business opportunities;
4) To provide potential investors as an accurate and complete description of this unique
investment opportunity in order to make an informed decision as to its potential.



There will be political and social benefits realized in each of the three governments as well as benefits for the Canadian people.


The Federal Government endorses this concept in their 2004-‐‐ 2005 Indian and Northern Affairs
Canada and Canadian Polar Commission Report on Plans and Priorities


The proposed strategies for First Nations governance over land, resources
and the environment seek to ensure that optimal conditions exist to attract
investment; to maximize the socio-­­ economic benefits flowing from lands and
resources under the control and management of First Nations and Inuit
communities; and to foster strategic partnerships and joint ventures to seize
opportunities associated with development of land and resources.”... “Some of
our key partners are First Nations governments interested in assuming
jurisdiction and developing the necessary legislative instruments, through such
means as the First Nations oil and gas pilot projects.


It is the Government of Canada’s position to assist First Nations with sustainable resource
projects well into the future.
Also from the Northern Affairs Canada and Canadian Polar Commission Report – “On the
positive side, provincial governments increasingly view Aboriginal economic development as a
priority, particularly in the western provinces, where there is great potential for partnerships
with the co-‐‐ op movement; other investors and public- ‐ private partnerships also show potential
to build on success models and develop First Nations financial institutions.”

David Calahasen
President & CEO – CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc. 2013



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