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Global Natural Gas Shortage Promises Prosperity For First Nations People.

December 10th 2023


Natural Gas is in serious shortage as the world transitions to greener energies. CREEnergy stands ready and able to supply global customers. While offering unique solutions to dealing with Canada's first nation peoples.

Only CREEnergy stands in a prime negociation role with a unique business relationship with each first nation in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan.


We have the edge of 20 years experience dealing with First Nations.

Some information that we have put out is being used by other companies, but they don't have the, relationships to get the deals done.


CREEnergy looks forward to the new year and works everyday diligently towards prosperity on indigenous lands.


Children playing on Tractor Lodgepole A.B. Building a future for our children.

Canada Supports Increased Indigenous Participation in the Natural Resources Economy

March 18th 2021


See >>>HERE<<<

There is no relationship more important to the Government of Canada than the one with Indigenous Peoples. Canada is ensuring Indigenous groups have access to the resources they need to support them as equal partners in natural resource projects.

Invest in Bitcoin Join the Private CREEnergy Network and profit

January 3 2021


This is a private club and is only for direct associates of CREEnergy. You must be invited. For the pass word simply Email.


Here is the log in >>>HERE<<<


Alberta Energy Regulator Affirms Support for Indigenous Developement.

Bringing prosperity to our people is priority.

Cree Chief Keenooshayo addresses the Treaty Commission in Lesser Slave Lake, 1899.



June 18th 2020

The A.E.R. that regulates Alberta's oil development now publicly displays on their website that they are located on "Indian lands", and are working to create a platform to work with first nations as we move forward.


The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) acknowledges that its head office in Calgary, or Mohkinstsis in the Blackfoot language, is located in the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy, Treaty 7, and the Métis Nation (Region 3). Our other offices and locations across the province are also in traditional land territories—Treaties 6 and 8. The peoples of these traditional territories all share a history and connection with the land known as Alberta. In the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration, we honour our working relationships with all indigenous communities.



June 3 2020

It has been awhile since our last update on our progress and we thank you for checking up on our news feed.


The entire shut down of our economy, due to COVID-19 has slowed our progress, but we are still making record time in the development of our programs as an indigenous oil company.  Please bear with us as we have much to show in the near future. There has never been a better time to buy into Alberta, as assets are now very cheap leaving us in a very good position.


Oil is far from over, and we at CREEnergy regard it as a gift that is given to us to properly manage, as we are indigenous, and always have the intent of remediation. In light of the orphaned oil well discovery, it has been discovered by Albertans that over the last 30 years oil companies have left Albertans and the Indigenous, with a 300 Billion dollar bill to clean up after them. This would not have happened if the international oil companies were indigenous, as we live on our lands and will suffer the consequences of our actions or inactions.


President David Calahasen has confirmed his commitment with up front money to remediate any oil well that CREEnergy will flow and will ensure that our lands that we use will be restored to its original state.


Stay safe and prosper in the new paragdim.

COVID-19 dampens but not smothers.

Indigenous Sovereignty, Can Crude Benefit Our Nations?

December 28, 2019

Bringing the benefits of oil production on reserve is critical to our sovereignty and family development, as we all know that the energy given to us from every drop of oil is second to none.


There are other idea's that are coming but we are decades away from actual use; some of these to concider is Thorium molten salt/gas reactors or cold fusion. Which is not at this time feasible on reserve.


CREEnergy is the only "Indian" company in Canada with the right to buy and sell oil and gas as you can see right here on the Alberta Energy Regulator. (Links to come)


Please see this video and show it to your friends as we need to see the real situation of our energy needs. This video can help you gain a very valuable perspective on our industry that needs to be brought on reserve.


We need to drill for oil to bring high value jobs onto reserve. Oil industry jobs pay higher wages then casinos and solar power panels plants which will benefit our people the greatest.

Seasons Greetings

December 16, 2019

CREEnergy wishes everyone a Merry Christmas to all those in support of CREEnergy and the First Nations working with us to bring about prosperity on reserve.


The coming new year will bring many great things,  so stay tuned.


Update Your Wallets (Secure Your Codes)

March 11, 2019

CREEnergy would like to remind our token holders that they are responsible to secure their tokens. Make sure to write down your 12 back-up words and also to update your wallets. We take security very seriously here and are working everyday to increase our security as well as yours. which is why it is such a great idea to utilize crypto tokens in the way that we are.


Currently we are still selling token at the price of $5.00 CDN per token and are not yet repurchasing them. We are also offering a bonus of 3% of the tokens sold payable in tokens to anyone that would bring more people to the table. So let your friends know!

All unsold tokens have been burned and are no longer available. CREEnergy is still not repurchasing the tokens. Updated 19/06/25


More great news is to come.  Keep up the great work and lets continue to bring the resources of the land to the people that need the it the most!


CREEnergy's First Oil Well Flows

November 5, 2018

Under an agreement with Black C.H., CREEnergy flows it's first (O.W. #205 @ 100 bpd light sweet crude.) under a BCR with an undisclosed First Nation band in the North Western side of Alberta.


The President David Calahasen, exclaimed, "We are very happy to flow the oil and benefit the communities of the North, which is a good step in the right direction.".

Contract Terminated (Kenneth Bray)

May 2, 2018

An agreement between former associate Kenneth Bray has come to an end and he no longer is representing the interests of CREEnergy.

CREEnergy Issues it's Very Own CRYPTO Tokens.

January 24, 2018

Taking advantage of CREEnergies vast resources we have decided to bring greater value to the Crypto Token market and issue our very own ERC20 Tokens. Buy some today! Details Here.

CREEnergy Linking Dene' The' to Their Resources.

We have partnered with our brothers in the Northern most regions of Alberta.  This partnership has become a learning curve with which we have been navigating on the rough waters of todays economy.  As the economic position of Canada gets weaker we find ourselves in a very good position to aquire top end assets for rock bottom prices making every dollar that we spend buy the maximum value.


President David Calahasen said, "We have learned to float but now it's time to swim." As he proclaims his continued dedication to move forward in the new and improved Trump markets which have favored the First Nations in 2017.


CREEnergy's Resevoir Engineer has said... "There is alot of oil in this basin".

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