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Update Your Wallets (Secure Your Codes)

March 11, 2019

CREEnergy would like to remind our token holders that they are responsible to secure their tokens. Make sure to write down your 12 back-up words and also to update your wallets. We take security very serriously here and are working everyday to increase our security as well as yours. which is why it is such a great idea to utilize crypto tokens in the way that we are.


Currently we are still selling token at the price of $5.00 CDN per token and are not yet repurchasing them. We are also offering a bonus of 3% of the tokens sold payable in tokens to anyone that would bring more people to the table. So let your friends know!


More great news is to come.  Keep up the great work and lets continue to bring the resources of the land to the people that need the it the most!


CREEnergy's First Oil Well Flows

November 5, 2018

Under an agreement with Black C.H., CREEnergy flows it's first (O.W. #205 @ 100 bpd light sweet crude.) under a BCR with an undisclosed First Nation band in the North Western side of Alberta.


The President David Calahasen, exclaimed, "We are very happy to flow the oil and benefit the communities of the North, which is a good step in the right direction.".

Contract Terminated (Kenneth Bray)

May 2, 2018

An agreement between former associate Kenneth Bray has come to an end and he no longer is representing the interests of CREEnergy.

CREEnergy Issues it's Very Own CRYPTO Tokens.

January 24, 2018

Taking advantage of CREEnergies vast resources we have decided to bring greater value to the Crypto Token market and issue our very own ERC20 Tokens. Buy some today! Details Here.

CREEnergy Linking Dene' The' to Their Resources.

We have partnered with our brothers in the Northern most regions of Alberta.  This partnership has become a learning curve with which we have been navigating on the rough waters of todays economy.  As the economic position of Canada gets weaker we find ourselves in a very good position to aquire top end assets for rock bottom prices making every dollar that we spend buy the maximum value.


President David Calahasen said, "We have learned to float but now it's time to swim." As he proclaims his continued dedication to move forward in the new and improved Trump markets which have favored the First Nations in 2017.


CREEnergy's Resevoir Engineer has said... "There is alot of oil in this basin".

RB 170708


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