CREEnergy, pure energy today
CREEnergy, pure energy today


The following are key strengths, areas of expertise and commitments by CREEnergy.



• Experienced First Nations management with strong relationships with First Nation’s bands across Canada, especially Western Canada

• Large oil and gas resource asset base in leased land packages representing CREEnergy's first phase of growth

• Large resource base in professional expertise, manpower and relationships in Canada

• Advantage based on the homogeneous nature of conducting business in

Canada's First Nations communities

• Land positions for the vertical integration of oil and gas from exploration to production

• Experienced and knowledgeable in the Canadian regulatory, legal and environmental arenas as they pertain to First Nations and natural resources

• Partnering mentality



1.  Empower First Nation communities by partnering with them to develop their natural resources by linking them to operating and financing opportunities for oil and gas resources on Indian Reserve lands.


2.   Commit to developing those resources in a sustainable manner for the betterment of their community, investors  and  CREEnergy through  competitive  advantages offered by CREEnergy Oil and Gas Inc.


3.  Ensure the economic benefits derived flow back to the First Nation communities and individual band members, and in turn stimulate increased educational, occupational and small business opportunities for First Nations, including training and encouragement of First Nations youth to complete high school, technical school and university.


Strategic Advantages


1.   CREEnergy operates as a First Nation business that interacts nation-­‐to-­‐nation. This means that we can tackle our own future, embrace our destiny and create a win, win situation.


2.   CREEnergy  has  positive  relationships  in  place  with  identified  First  Nation  Bands,  which provides the distinct ability to interact and secure land assets on traditional lands under favorable terms.


3.   CREEnergy has obtained information to Métis, Dene, Inuit and status workforce and can hire, train and absorb talent that is otherwise ignored.


4.   CREEnergy will seek and possess other unencumbered lease titles to oil and gas on other First Nations not in partnership with CREEnergy


5.   CREEnergy helps eliminate bureaucracy and speedup the decision making process. Non-native businesses often spend countless days or weeks consulting with boards and panels of First Nations. This process is eliminated because CREEnergy invites partner First Nation leaders to advise their board of directors. This simplifies the consultation process for all.









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